Repurposing Wedding Flowers

Repurposing Wedding Flowers

We have spent a lot of time over the last few months consulting with brides and preparing proposals. There is an area that we see a lot of couple overlook and so we wanted to take a few moments to talk about repurposing wedding flowers to get the most enjoyment out of your blooms!

When preparing your plan for wedding florals, cost savings can be found with a little planning and help on your wedding day. Below are just a few examples of how to stretch the enjoyment of your blooms (and your budget!)

Table pieces – many couples want to have flowers on the signing table at the ceremony. Why not take that arrangement and use it as the arrangement for the bar or card table at the reception?

Bridesmaids bouquets – after pictures are taken but before the reception begins, transfer your bridesmaids bouquets to your reception venue. These can be used on the cake table, the bar, card table, etc.

Wine barrel arrangements - if you are planning on using wine barrel arrangements to decorate the ceremony area, these can also be transferred to your reception area, as shown here and captured by Emily Jean Photography

When considering repurposing your wedding flowers, keep in mind that you will want to delegate this task to someone you trust and who will have the time to move your florals around. Also keep in mind that installed pieces such as arbours or garland are not as easy to repurpose.

While we would love to sell you many more flowers, we also feel compelled to share these practical tips with all of our couples.

Did you find a creative way to repurpose your floral arrangements on your wedding day?