What Does A Wedding Consult Look Like?

If you’ve recently gotten engaged and are now starting in on the planning phase, it can be really exciting (and sometimes overwhelming) to start meeting with all of your potential vendors.  When else are you going to be meeting with caterers, florists, photographers, bakers, and a host of potential other vendors who are there to pull off your wedding dreams? To help take some of the unknowns out of the consultation process, I wanted to share what a typical consultation with Petals Flower Co. looks like!

My primary goal of a wedding consult is to get to know my clients. Hearing about your story, what unites you as a couple, and maybe even the proposal!  We will talk about your floral vision, your colour scheme and your favourite types of blooms. You’ll take me on a walk-through of your day including where and when you’ll be getting ready, ceremony and reception locations and the timing of all of your wedding events.  If you don’t have all of those details just yet, that’s okay! We have a finer details appointment by phone 2-3 weeks out where we will go over final numbers, delivery and set up times. I ask my couples to bring lots of inspiration photos to help further communicate their vision for their big day.  I will also have lots of photos of Petals Flower Co. weddings to show you!

Just so that you are forewarned I am very passionate about flowers and I will often refer to them as being sexy, yummy and delicious.  They just are! I also get so “into” discussing florals that you will often hear me say to myself “focus Amber” and refer back to my guiding documents to ensure I capture all of the information needed to create your proposal.  The consultation is really an exciting meeting, not only for the bride (or bride and groom) but also for myself!

After your consultation, you will receive an itemized proposal which will include all floral components discussed, delivery and set up fees.  Having an itemized proposal lets you really assess what are the must-haves and what you might want to do away with, in consideration of your budget.  Some floral designers choose to give their clients a “lump sum” cost for their wedding blooms, but I prefer to break it all down for my clients so they have all of the information to decide where and how they want to spend their money.  

If you’re coming in for a floral consultation soon, keep all of the above in mind, and I absolutely can not wait to meet you and turn your floral dreams into a wedding reality!

Photo of floral wearables by Lighthouse Small Business Support